The Case for Herbal Medicine

For a very long time, the words “herbal medicine” could only inspire derision. Skeptics abound even today. To them, herbal medicine is closely associated with sorcery and other dark practices. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. For millennia, long before the advent of modern medicine, human beings depended on herbal remedies to take care of all manner of diseases. Back then, herbs were the only medicines available. Even today, a good percentage of the prescription drugs available are sourced from herbs. Today, the number of people turning to herbs and herbal medicines is growing each day as people realize the advantages that these natural remedies have over prescription drugs.

Side effects
One of the biggest drawbacks of prescription drugs is that some of them produce negative side effects on the user. With herbal medicine, the risk of negative side effects is virtually non-existent.

Great healing capabilities
There are many chronic conditions that modern medicine has failed to heal but which can be treated or managed more effectively with herbal medicine. Cancer, for instance, continues to be a major problem for which modern medicine is yet to get a breakthrough. Yet the majority of the drugs that used to treat cancer today are based on naturally available herbs. Other chronic conditions that are treated or managed using herbal medicine include depression and cardiovascular disease.

Some pharmaceuticals are so expensive that they are simply beyond the means of the patients who need them. Herbal medicine on the other hand tends to be extremely affordable.

To obtain the majority of pharmaceutical products, you’ll need a doctor’s prescription. With herbal products however, you do not need a subscription. Most of the herbal products are sold as dietary supplements which make them easily and readily available. Packaged as herbal teas or essential oils, these products can be purchased in a myriad of outlets including grocery stores. Dosage and regulation issues – Those still skeptical about the place of herbal medicine in the modern world point out that the users take great risks because sometimes there are no clear instructions on how a herbal product is to be consumed. They therefore fear that the users of these products could end up overdosing themselves.
While this skepticism is understandable, what needs to be emphasized is that today there are plenty of professionals and also trained naturopathic doctors who are available to give advice on the ways to use herbal medicine safely.

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