Essential Clothing Accessories for Men and Where to Get Them

Shopping is hardly a man’s hobby and unless they have people pressuring them to get certain essential accessories, they tend to acquire accessories in a rather haphazard way or only in emergencies. Accessorizing, and doing it correctly, is not a luxury – it is an essential part of a man’s dressing that easily and quickly tells the world how well-groomed you are.
If you have been going about your daily businesses without a handkerchief in the pocket, it is time you changed this permanently. A handkerchief is an essential (and sometimes critical) accessory that could save you lots of embarrassment. An unexpected cold attack could make your nose suddenly run – there is nothing that could save you from agony if this happened in public. A gentleman always has a clean white handkerchief in his pocket.
Watches have always been associated with gentlemen but the arrival of countless digital devices has discouraged some men from wearing watches. Even if you can tell the time from one of those devices, a watch is still essential. A good watch compliments the rest of your clothing (while a bad watch does the exact opposite) and the choice of a watch has to be done with careful consideration.
A gentleman also needs to invest in a number of plain T-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans. Regardless of where you work, there are times when you’ll need to don casual wear and T-shirts and jeans are the best casual wear you can get. The ideal T-shirt or sweatshirt should come in solid colors and must be plain. T-shirts with the names of celebs, clothes manufacturers or carrying jokes that people will need to stop and read are best left to the younger generation. The jeans too should be solid (free of rips) and ideally in a dark color.
An umbrella that is strong enough to withstand a heavy downpour and preferably black is an essential accessory for every gentleman. Carrying such an umbrella when going outdoors actually complements the rest of your clothing and could save you the agony of appearing at friend’s house (or even entering a bus) when you are already soaked through.
With so many online shopping options available today, no man has any excuse for not equipping his wardrobe with essential accessories. When not sure what accessory should be worn with what, there is also plenty of advice available online.

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Science and Social responsibility

While science is credited with improving many areas of human life (through discoveries that eliminated harmful diseases, improved communication, etc) it has also been responsible for very regrettable events in human history. Cases abound but perhaps the first use of the atomic bomb during WW11 is the most glaring. Scientific discoveries have consistently been used to create the weapons that have consequently been used to cause widespread havoc.

Taking the destructive effects of scientific discoveries, what responsibilities should be placed on the scientists who made them? Who is the guilty party between the scientist and the government or private company that goes ahead to create weapons that could annihilate large sections of the human population?

Back to the atomic bomb. When Einstein was told that his famous formula was capable of producing an atomic bomb, he responded that this was unlikely to happen. Later events proved Einstein wrong but by then the harm had already been done. Of course Einstein was not in the team that used his formula to develop the bomb and that should absolve him.

Of the many other discoveries that have been used to create dangerous weapons, can we assume that the scientists whose discoveries are used are not aware of the purposes to which their discoveries will be used? Can scientists always claim that they are ignorant of the real uses their discoveries will be used for?

The conducting of any scientific research leads to outcomes which might have been totally unexpected at the beginning. When the scientist, who only had the best intentions, discovers that the discovery might be put to the wrong uses if it falls in the wrong hands what is he or she supposed to do?
Being members of the society just like the rest of the population, scientists have a duty to report their findings if only to alert the public about the extent of their work and how their discoveries could be used. This show of public responsibility will not only endear the scientific community to the rest of the society but could actually act as a deterrent to terrorists and arms manufacturers who would then think twice before abusing scientific discoveries.

All facts considered, it is still important to remember that changes in the field of science are so rapid that the long-term effects of any research cannot be foretold with any precision. But the very instance there are concerns about the use of discoveries, sharing such info with relevant authorities could forestall future catastrophes.

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Great Discoveries

Some scientific discoveries have been made after years and even decades of the most painstaking research. Yet, quite incredibly, there are some awesome discoveries that happened by pure accident. Some of these are completely revolutionary and have changed the course of human history in addition to creating the most unlikely heroes.

Vulcanized rubber
In the early years of the 19th century rubber was mainly made for making waterproof shoes but the products it produced were hardly satisfactory. Rubber was unable to withstand weather extremities with the result that it would be either too cold during the winter months or too hot during summer. Shoe manufacturers desperately tried to address this problem without success and most were about to give up on it when one Charles Goodyear accidentally how to make rubber weatherproof. While trying to display the results he had achieved in improving the quality of rubber, the piece of rubber that Charles was holding fell on a hot stove making it charred. From that day on, rubber was made weatherproof in this version. Many years later, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company would be started and named after the discoverer of vulcanized rubber.

British scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by mistake. There are several versions of the circumstances leading to this discovery but this is the gist of the matter: the scientist was investigating mould but the dish he was working on was left open for a long time and when Fleming looked at it later, he discovered that it had succeeded in inhibiting the growth of bacteria. This marked the arrival of antibiotics into the world.

Coca-Cola could be the most popular drink in the world today but it made its appearance quite accidentally. The inventor, John Pemberton, was a pharmacist who was trying to develop a cure for headaches. The ingredients he used were cola nuts and coca leaves. When the mixture was accidentally mixed with carbonated water, the result was the drink we now know as Coca-Cola. Of course there have been changes in the formula which is now a secret.

Potato chips
Potato chips had not been discovered before the mid-19th century and potatoes were fried whole. One New York restaurant kept receiving complaints that the their potatoes were too thick and not dried enough and, mostly out of anger, the chef on one occasion cut the potatoes into small pieces and then fried them. Customers liked the new creation immediately and potato chips were born.

The Case for Herbal Medicine

For a very long time, the words “herbal medicine” could only inspire derision. Skeptics abound even today. To them, herbal medicine is closely associated with sorcery and other dark practices. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. For millennia, long before the advent of modern medicine, human beings depended on herbal remedies to take care of all manner of diseases. Back then, herbs were the only medicines available. Even today, a good percentage of the prescription drugs available are sourced from herbs. Today, the number of people turning to herbs and herbal medicines is growing each day as people realize the advantages that these natural remedies have over prescription drugs.

Side effects
One of the biggest drawbacks of prescription drugs is that some of them produce negative side effects on the user. With herbal medicine, the risk of negative side effects is virtually non-existent.

Great healing capabilities
There are many chronic conditions that modern medicine has failed to heal but which can be treated or managed more effectively with herbal medicine. Cancer, for instance, continues to be a major problem for which modern medicine is yet to get a breakthrough. Yet the majority of the drugs that used to treat cancer today are based on naturally available herbs. Other chronic conditions that are treated or managed using herbal medicine include depression and cardiovascular disease.

Some pharmaceuticals are so expensive that they are simply beyond the means of the patients who need them. Herbal medicine on the other hand tends to be extremely affordable.

To obtain the majority of pharmaceutical products, you’ll need a doctor’s prescription. With herbal products however, you do not need a subscription. Most of the herbal products are sold as dietary supplements which make them easily and readily available. Packaged as herbal teas or essential oils, these products can be purchased in a myriad of outlets including grocery stores. Dosage and regulation issues – Those still skeptical about the place of herbal medicine in the modern world point out that the users take great risks because sometimes there are no clear instructions on how a herbal product is to be consumed. They therefore fear that the users of these products could end up overdosing themselves.
While this skepticism is understandable, what needs to be emphasized is that today there are plenty of professionals and also trained naturopathic doctors who are available to give advice on the ways to use herbal medicine safely.

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Golf Lesson

We are going to change it up this week and give you people who’d like to learn golf some advice.

If you’re a newcomer to golf find a good golf coach. Golf can be one of the most frustrating activities you have ever attempted. The way your body is used with muscle movement can make the game very challenging. But after you have mastered the basics it can be one of the most rewarding games you may ever play. A good idea how of the basics will help you enjoy it more once you hit the course.

Your Grip
If you have never golfed before you may be tempted to grab and grip the club like you were playing baseball. It will definitely feel un-natural at first, but it’s important you get used to using a proper grip on the club. With the palm of your hand use the hand closest to the hole as your lead. With your thumb running across the top to the bottom. With the hand furthest from the hole place it below your other hand. You will want to interlock your back hand pinkie finger with the lead hand pointer. Also running down the grip will be your back hand thumb.

Your Posture
Standing in front of the ball is the most important thing we can discuss today. Other names for this is your Approach. You will bend your knees slightly, leaning over the ball slightly but without hunching over too much. You want your arms in front of you but not too far. Your shoulders should look down directly on your feet below. The rest I encourage you to have your coach show you in person. If you find a good coach he will be able to teach you the basics and before you know it you’ll be graduating from the newbie class.

Your Swing
There are three main keys to your swing – Follow through, Take away and Impact. Each one is very important and play a huge roll on how you hit the ball. You have already demonstrated correct approach and grip, so all that’s left is to hit the ball straight. For new golfers it’s important to keep both feet planted during impact and take away. You shouldn’t move your head or upper body too much during the swing. Keep your arm straight as possible as you bring the club back, as you rotate your hips and moving your weight to your back foot. When you come forward your hips should have a forward rotation as your weight shifts to your front foot. Look directly at your ball as you swing through it.  If you’re looking for lessons please contact us and we will recommend a great coach in your area. I’d like to welcome our newest member Justin Monk. If anyone needs help with their online business he is the man. You can find him here – I can testify he knows what he’s doing and very good at it. He has done wonders for our business.

Has Science Made Our Life Better?

Our life is made easier due to many devices, machines and other facilities. We have taken it granted for so long that we have forgotten that our ancestors were living without all these things and their life was really very hard. However, we are so used to all the machines that we do not think about the fact that science and technology made it possible for us to live an easy and comfortable life. Various scientific discoveries and innovations have made it possible for us to live longer, and quality of life is also better than people of earlier generations.

There are many ways in which the science have made our life comfortable and safer. If we start counting the ways our lives have changed due to science we will get tired of counting them but the contributions of science but we won’t be able to complete the task.

Contributions of science in our lives

  • We should start with the medical science as many medicines and special surgical procedures have saved many lives and also lengthened lives of many people. Due to many new discoveries and researches in the field of medical science, scientists are able to find cures for diseases which were termed as incurable.
  • When scientific discoveries are combined with technological developments, they have resulted in the machines which are making our lives easy to manage. From household appliances to cars and planes, all are the result of science.
  • Science has made it possible for farmers to save their crops from pests and other problems.
  • The quality of education is better and now many people are able to educate themselves due to various innovations like e-learning facilities. This was also possible due to the advancement of science and technology.
  • The world has come closer due to the modern means of communications such as emails, cellphones.The Internet has changed the speed of everything including the knowledge transfer and sharing.

Even though all these things are true and no one can deny the contribution of science in all the areas of our life, sometimes it does make us wonder that whether this has been a boon or a curse? The innovations which brought the world closer, are making them go away from each other are people are more interested in technology rather than people and life around them.Scientific discoveries have made our lives better and lengthened our life span, but due to the result of pollution, the health of people is deteriorating.

What we have to understand that science is a weapon which can save you or harm you, as it depends on how you use it. Make use of science for the betterment of humankind and you will benefit from it. However if we use it for harming others, it boomerangs on us and we will also face the damage which we meant for someone else. It is important that we act responsibly and intelligently where the science is concerned. Science has unlimited power and capacity which has not yet been discovered by us, to make proper use of this power we have to make sure that we are capable of making the right choice.